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Creative Talking & Writing Flashpad

Creative Talking & Writing Flashpad

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Is your child spending too many hours in front of the screen?

Our Talking Flash Cards satisfy children's curiosity. It is a therapy toy with vivid sounds that the toddler can practice self-repetitive operations to enhance knowledge and ability.

This sensory toy can keep your little ones away from electronic products and is also appropriate for kids with autism.

Child Learns Through Repetitive Play

Our Talking Flash Cards allow your children to learn through observation, thinking, and manipulation. This activity cultivates children's life skills, trains logical thinking, exercises the hands, and promotes kids' intellectual development.

This toy is an invaluable way for breeders to learn simple words and recognize them with pictures and names.

It is our job to cultivate our children's cognitive, attentional, and learning abilities, as well as their visual, auditory, and tactile development.

Trusted By 18,736+ Happy Parents

Our Talking Flash Cards help kids learn naturally through play, which assists your child in improving fine motor skills and combining flashcards with pronunciation. The kids not only can learn the words but also can know the appearance, calls of animals and cars.

As recommended by international educators, not every child has super learning abilities; they need to learn while playing. Whether your kids are staying at home or not, we believe these Talking Flash Cards will definitely enable your child to enhance their learning ability during the busy play.

Join over 18,736+ Happy Parents who have had their lives changed and have come to love learning through play with our Talking Flash Cards!

Benefits Of The Talking Flash Cards

✅ Designed To Avoid Overuse Of Screen

✅ Kids Learn To Speak & Expand Their Vocabulary

✅ Increases Hand-Eye Coordination

✅ Improves Your Child Language & Cognitive Ability

✅ Teach Your Child To Stay Focused

✅ Learning Through Play Toy

✅ Best Game For Toddler Travel

Features 12 Different Learning Categories

Talking Flash Cards contain 12 different learning categories on 50 double-sided flash cards. This toy gives your toddler the opportunity to learn many words and sounds, including 56 animals (including marine animals in the zoo), 25 vehicles, and 31 everyday objects.

It is considered a Montessori toy for children 1+ years old to focus on, like vocabulary and animal sounds. With this activity, the brain becomes more sensitive to the repetitive integration of information. It is a fun, relaxing, and educational toy.

Perfect Toy To Play Together

Simply insert a card reader to play real animals or transport sounds, giving full play to your child's imagination and reinforcing sight vocabulary in a more fun way.

The children see the content of the cards through the brain, integrate the visual information, and then issue an instruction for the hand to place the card.

Keep your kid busy, and it will give you free time to do other things.

Package includes:

50 x Pcs Double Sided Cards

1 x Talking Flashpad (with 5.7 in LCD screen)

1 x Instruction

1 x Screwdriver

Applicable age: 1-year-old and above

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Creative Talking & Writing Flashpad

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